Mission and Definitions


The Mission of the Small Business Enterprise Supportive Center (SBESSC) is to serve as a resource for assisting SBE firms in gaining access to FAA, FHWA, and FTA assisted, transportation-related contracts. PennDOT will certify Small Business Enterprise (SBE) applicants. SBE certification will also apply to federally assisted transportation projects of PennDOT’s sub-recipients. The Center will also assist SBEs active in the transportation arena in becoming self-­ sufficient and achieving proficiency in order to compete on an equal basis with non SBEs.

What is a SBE?

A SBE (Small Business Enterprise) is defined as:

  1. A for-profit business, owned by a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident of the U.S.
  2. A firm that does not exceed the Small Business Administration’s size standard for the work they desire to perform (to verify your business meets size criteria go here www.sba.gov).
  3. A firm whose annual gross receipts for the three previous fiscal years does not exceed $23.98 million
Road Construction Project
Contractors searching for a certified SBE may contact Mark Corbin at mcorbin@cheyney.edu | Telephone: 610-399-2178 or visit the PennDOT SBE website at: www.dotsbe.pa.gov Please note certified DBEs are dually recognized as SBEs and are not required to re-certify as SBEs.